International Lego Day in Oak 2

Oak 2 have enjoyed celebrating international Lego day in DT this week.
They enjoyed making towers, rockets, robots and lots of other exciting creations with the use of their imaginations within this endless creative play.

Rowan 2 visit My Life

Rowan 2 are lucky enough to get to visit the My Life farm each week for the rest of this term. The children have been exploring animal care by taking care of the animals. They even got to ride on the old bus and pretend to drive. What a fantastic time they had.


Willow 2 visit Atherton Town Hall Library

Willow 2 went on a visit the Library at Atherton town hall. They listened carefully to a story ‘My Child Has Cerebral Palsy’ read by the Author Alex Winstanley accompanied by some of the real life characters.
The children listened carefully and by the end were able to answer some questions themselves that they had learned in relation to helping people that we meet with Cerebral Palsy.

Maple 2 go Snap, Crackle and POP!

Maple 2 tackled two lessons in one this afternoon by joining together their Food Facts session with their Literacy topic, Sensory Poetry. Firstly, the children discussed our five senses. The pupil explored their senses and pointed to the appropriate parts of their body linked with each sense. Next, they explored the cereals. The children communicated with speech and symbols about the feel, smell, look, sound, and taste of four different types of cereals. The pupils discussed which ones they liked or didn’t like and why. As a group, they then chose their favourite and used it as the focus of our sensory poem. This group chose multigrain hoops and worked well together to think up good adjectives to describe the feel, smell, look, sound, and taste. They worked brilliantly as a team to complete each line in the poem and were proud of their final work. Once finished, they performed their poem reading a line each.

Pine 2 ‘Town and Country’

Pine 2 have been very busy this week! They have created their very own town for our KS2 Geography topic, ‘Town and Country’. In Maths they’ve been focusing on cuboids so used their 3D shape knowledge to make houses, schools, shops and even a gym! They had SO much fun building, learning and playing within their very own town.

Flexi-Bounce Therapy in Rowan 1

We are very excited about the Flexi-Bounce Therapy that we have recently introduced here at Rowan Tree Primary School.  Flexi-Bounce Therapy is the use of an orthopaedic quality rebounder as a complement to Rebound Therapy. It is used to provide therapeutic exercise for children and adults across a wide range of additional needs.

Julie Corser who presently teachers Rowan 1 has become one of our schools Flexi-Bounce practitioners and has been delivering these sessions to the pupils within her class. The children will practice many skills including being still, showing super eye contact, learning to stop and special bounces.  It is also a super form of exercise and helps us to practice communication.