CAFT 2019 | Day 2: Back to the Art Room we go!

Today in the Art Room we enjoyed making self portraits using all natural materials that we collected ourselves from around the farm! The children were given cardboard containers by Miss Glennon before she led us on a hunt to find natural resources.

We created our portraits on a huge piece of black paper that we have brought with us back to school in order to show our friends!

CAFT 2019 | Day 2: Tiny George!

We met a farmer who told us an interesting story about a chicken named Big George and his grandfather Massive George! Then we met Big George’s newborn baby son… The children were given the opportunity to name him and went with Tiny George which he will now be forever known as!

Some of the children who were brave enough enjoyed having a photo with the chick they had just named!

CAFT 2019 | Day 1: Musical sensations!

The children after creating their own personalised mugs and coasters enjoyed spending some time in the farms Sensory Suite (where it was too dark to take photographs).

Sensory Suite

Once everyone had spent some time in both the Art Room and the Sensory Suite our guides led us down the farm path towards the Music Room.

The children had a amazing music session with a volunteer named Laura! We shook macaraccas, clicked castanets, twirled our ribbons and moved our bodies to the beat!