Pine 2’s Spooktacular Day!

On Halloween, Pine 2 had the chance to engage in lots of spooky and fun activities. They were carving pumpkins and making magic potions in our messy playroom, they were dressing up as all kinds of creatures in the sensory studio and they went trick-or-treating to all of SLT. They had lots of fun and had good opportunities for sensory play communication and role play. Great job Pine 2!

Poplar 1 Splashers

Learners in Poplar 1 have been having an amazing time at their weekly Splash and Play session. They practise dressing skills, turn taking and swimming skills.
They share songs and have wonderful interactions.

Teeth brushing in Elm 1

Promoting independence and self-care is a huge part of everyday life in Rowan Tree Primary School. Elm 1 have been getting into a good routine of brushing their teeth each day after their lunchtime play. The pupils in Elm 1 listen to Hey Duggee’s Tooth Brushing Badge Song as they look into a mirror and get brushing for 2 minutes. Excellent work Elm!

Bowling Competition

On Monday 17th October 11 pupils from across KS2 took part in a bowling competition against other schools at Hollywood bowl in Wigan. They all developed their skills throughout the competition, listened to instructions on how to improve and most got a spare or strike! They all worked together as part of a team, representing Rowan Tree amazingly! They all came away with a medal and certificate! Well done everyone!

Religious Education in Cedar 2

Cedar 2 have been focusing their learning on stories relating to our Lower KS2 topic ‘Why sharing food is important?’.  Over the past few weeks our Lower KS2 Learners have enjoyed stories such as Guru Nanak, The story of Lord Buddha’s gift and this week have been learning about The Last Supper.

Learners enjoyed engaging with a Last Supper Sensory Story within the Immersive Learning Environment, exploring physical copies of the story and also watching momentarily as it was projected onto the surrounding walls. Learners loved exploring all the different items laid out as featured within photographs above, learners showed a particular affinity towards the Palm Crosses donated to us by our friends at St. Philip’s Church in Atherton.

Afterwards, Cedar 2 had great fun role-playing their very own Last Supper, taking turns to break bread into two with their  peers.

Willow 2’s Kitchen

During Autumn 1 in DT/footech Willow 2 have been looking at hot and cold foods. We linked this with our Geography, science and PHSE. We have spoken about different countries and their climates, the food they eat and clothes they wear.
We have made lots of scrumptious things, fruit kebabs with melted chocolate looking at solids and liquids.
We looked at Italy and made pizzas. In our last session we made a curry as we had been learning about India.
We all practiced our cutting and cooking skills we also washed our own pots.
Willow 2 really enjoyed these cross curricular activities.

Maple 2 Exploring Autumn and Active Maths

This week maple 2 were experiencing the season Autumn, the pupils went into the immersive learning room and explored the autumn scene. The pupils matched the items of clothing to the different seasons. The pupils also made some soup with the assistance of a teacher.


Some pupils in Maple 2 took part in active maths, playing snakes and ladders while counting the numbers on the dice to know where their counter should be. 

Well done Maple 2 for your great listening and learning new skills! 

Oak 2’s Amazing Rain Forest Scene!

Oak 2 have had a busy half term learning all about the rainforest. Learners have completed Monoprint’ of some rainforest animals and made collages adding different textures to their animal paintings. Together as a class Oak have also written a poem all about the rainforest, alongside some posters to accompany it.

Oak 2 compiled all their work and created this beautiful display in class, writing their own labels and sentences to hang beside their work.