Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea

Love and appreciation filled the air at our Mother’s Day Cafe event, where families came together to celebrate the special bond between mothers and their loved ones. Guests were treated to heartwarming performances from Music in Mind and our school’s Sing and Sign Choir, adding to the festive atmosphere. Jaydan, our onsite Signalong tutor, was also present to provide guidance and information to parents, further enhancing the inclusivity of the event. Representatives from the Wigan Parents Forum were also on hand, offering valuable resources and support to attendees. These events not only provide parents with the opportunity to connect but also offer invaluable resources for their families. Looking forward to our next School Parents Association afternoon.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the individuals who dedicate their time and efforts to our School Parents Association. Vicki, whose role is enhanced by her previous experience running an Outreach service, brings invaluable expertise in supporting parents. Vickie and Amelia, esteemed members of our school staff, also contribute their passion and insight as not only members of staff but as parents with children currently attending our school.

Thank you to all who joined us for this heartwarming occasion!

ATSA Football Event Unites Schools in Thrilling Competition

The ATSA Football Event was a roaring success, as schools from across the area joined for a thrilling day of competition and camaraderie on the field. Teams showcased their skills, sportsmanship, and team spirit, creating unforgettable memories. Stay tuned for highlights from the event, and let’s celebrate the power of sportsmanship and teamwork!

Empowering Education

We were thrilled to host a behaviour training session led by Chris Hoyle, our esteemed Autism and Communication Lead. Tailored specifically for mainstream schools, the session, titled “Understanding and Supporting Behaviour for Complex Needs,” provided valuable insights and practical strategies for educators within the Atherton area. Chris shared her knowledge, guiding educators towards creating inclusive learning environments for all students. We showcased how we implement these strategies effectively, demonstrating their impact on student success at our setting.

Collaborating with Danspiration

In our second session with Danspiration at Rowan Tree Primary School, excitement was palpable as students eagerly returned to immerse themselves in the world of dance once again. Led by More Than Words, the workshop reaffirmed their commitment to inclusive arts education.


This second session solidified our collaboration, paving the way for future endeavours together. Notably, our school’s Sing and Sign Choir received a special invitation to perform alongside More Than Words at the upcoming Wigan Dance Festival—an opportunity that speaks volumes about the impact of our partnership.

Pupils look forward eagerly to our third workshop!

Oak 2 Soars and Scores

Today, selected members of Oak 2 had the honour of representing our school at a sports event held at Howe Bridge. They had a fantastic time and exhibited exemplary behaviour throughout the day. The event kicked off with a fitness class, followed by a thrilling showcase of their skills as they transformed into scooter stars on the skate park – a display of both talent and courage.

Following a brief break, they engaged in games around the soft play area before heading for lunch. In the afternoon, their prowess continued to shine as they conquered climbing walls, concluding the day with a session of archery. The snapshots captured in these pictures provide just a glimpse of the amazing experiences they had.

RTP hosts the first 2024 ATSA

Congratulations to Meadowbank for winning the ‘Access to Success’ ATSA event.

Mrs. Oliver has championed collaborative working with Meadowbank and other schools, creating a spirit of cooperation and shared success. The ‘Access to Success’ event is just one of many hosted by Rowan Tree, reflecting our commitment to providing diverse opportunities for student growth.

These events strengthen bonds within the school community, promoting healthy competition and fostering connections.

Congratulations to Meadowbank, and thanks to all schools involved for their ongoing efforts in building strong links and creating positive outcomes through collaborative working.

Thank you Belong Experience Team

Rowan Tree Primary recently expressed gratitude to the Belong Care Home Experience Team for their active participation in school events this term. Recognising the benefits of intergenerational interaction, students crafted a thank-you card to convey their appreciation. As a school we are committed to community engagement and have been in awe of the positive impact on both students and care home residents.

Rowan Tree Primary’s Sing and Sign Choir Delights Local Church Community

This afternoon, Rowan Tree Primary’s Sing and Sign Choir showcased their talents in a special performance for members of our local church, St. Philip’s. Following the heartfelt performance, the choir members had the opportunity to connect with the church community over cakes and refreshments, engaging in meaningful conversations.

The event provided a wonderful platform for fostering connections between the school and the local church, bringing members of the community into the school environment. The shared moments of music, conversation, and hospitality underscore the importance of building strong ties within the local community.

Rowan Tree Primary takes pride in creating these opportunities for interaction, reinforcing the sense of community and mutual support. Events like these contribute to the school’s commitment to inclusivity and community engagement, enriching the overall educational experience for both students and local residents.