Top tips for hitting the bricks!

Our school Lego Therapy sessions, aka Brick Club, aim to improve social interaction. They provide pupils with an opportunity to practice and develop a wide range of skills, including communication and language skills, and social and play skills. This term we have particularly focused on turn taking, good listening, and giving and receiving instructions. Pupils have been working hard, having fun and progressing well. Here’s our top tips for a successful Brick Club session!

Yoga Club

Yoga Club is run on a Friday afternoon as part of our PSHE Clubs by one of our qualified HLTA’s who has a passion for Yoga.

All pupils have the opportunity to access Yoga Club over the academic year.

Pupils practice breathing techniques and various Yoga poses in a calm environment supported by visual symbols and actions.


Reading Buddies at Rowan Tree

Our reading buddy initiative to instil a love for reading and sharing stories is back in full swing this term. The children have been listening to a range of stories, have helped each other read aloud and have grown in confidence. It lovely to see our buddy groups, from different classes, come together and share these magic moments together.

Cedar 2 visit Curious Critters

This afternoon learners from Cedar 2 ventured down to the Community Room for another wonderful session with Curious Critters. Pupils across the whole of school once again had the opportunity to explore a wide variety of exotic animals, reptiles and creepy crawlies in a fun and educational visit.

Particularly in Cedar 2 we have seen the pupils over the past year become more confident in handling the different reptiles. Some of them even used a Picture Exchange Communication Book to request more animals!

Talent Time in Oak 2

During Friday afternoons we enjoy talent time. This is where the children get to explore their own talents and share them with their friends. In Oak 2 some children enjoy drawing and are becoming amazing artists whilst others enjoy singing, dancing and even rapping!

During today’s lesson the children were able to take it in turns sharing the microphone( i.e. Glue stick) and performed an amazing performance in front of their friends. It has been amazing to see their confidence blossom and how much fun they have sharing their talents with her friends. Well done Oak 2.

Maple 2 where does food come from?

Maple 2 have been learning where food comes from and how it gets to the shops. They went to Asda and located different types of foods. Pupils talked about whether the food comes from an animal or plant, where is it is grown and how it is packaged. Learners also discussed what materials the packaging is made from. Well done Travis and Allannah, who worked very hard to remember bread is made from wheat, which is a plant. When we got to the till, we each took turns to scan some products in conjunction with our Literacy and DT topics. Everyone was so sensible and a credit to the school. Well done Maple!

Fir 2 Independent Learners

In Fir 2 the children have been working on their independent learning skills. The children have been learning to use the workstations, explore learning and play tasks independently.

Pine 2 Maths Inside and Out

This week in Pine the children have been making use of all of our spaces in school to engage with number. On the playground they used chalk to write and trace numbers and in class they have been reinforcing their knowledge with lots of maths games and activities. As well as this, they have accessed the hall for active maths which they love. Leanring every moment!