Easter Bingo

This Thursday we were excited to reopen our doors for Rowan Tree Primary School’s annual Easter Bingo for our local community. It was wonderful to see lots of past and present pupils attending with their families. We were able to raise a total of £375. A big thank you to everyone that attended.


Rowan 2 visit SPACE

Rowan 2 and Fir 2 got to visit the SPACE centre this week in Preston. They started with a sing song on the bus, then they went into the centre for a full hour of fun. They were able to change the room to suit the needs of the pupils, they really loved the PIXAR and Disney themes. There was a sunken ball pool, large padded slide, cause and response piano, musical floor, swings, water beds, ball trails and bubble tubes. They finished off with lunch in the café and then back on the bus for another sing song on the way home.

Pine 2 attend Easter service at St Philips Church

Pine 2 went to visit St Philips Church for an Easter service on Tuesday 29th march.

They joined in with some hymns, read out the Easter story and performed ‘Spring Chicken’

Church members commented on how ‘sensible’ and ‘grown up’ our pupils were!

Well done Pine 2 – we are so proud of you!

Rowan 1’s Sensory Adventure

Rowan 1 have had an amazing trip this week. These pictures show us having a fabulous time in SPACE, where we experienced different lights and and tried different sensory equipment. Their day was complete after a wonderful session on a local nature park and children’s play area. The learners loved exploring the garden and crawled through tunnels, climbed on the steps and found lots of different natural things to explore.

Exploring the colours of Spring with Early Learners

Early Learners enjoyed exploring the school grounds looking for spring flowers. When they found a flower they used their magnifying glasses to look at it closely to identify the colour. When the blossom blew off the tree some of Early Learners tried to catch it.
Early Learners also planted some colourful flowers, which they gave to their mothers, grandmothers and special ladies for Mother’s Day.

Boccia competition against Green Fold School

Green Fold School came to visit on Wednesday 16th March. We played a round robin of Boccia and then enjoyed time on the swings and main playground playing games with each other. We then had a medal ceremony where it concluded that it was a draw! Well done everyone!

‘Developing Continence Skills in all pupils’ workshop

 Chris Hoyle our school’s Autism Lead delivered ‘Developing Continence Skills in all pupils’ the first in a series of workshops aimed to support parents and carers.

We looked at all the steps involved in developing toileting skills and practical strategies that parents can use at home.  Parents will receive copies of resources such as monitoring forms and toileting books to support their child’s progress. A great morning – thank you all for attending.

– Chris Hoyle, Autism Lead