Willow 2’s Wellbeing Day

Willow 2 enjoyed our whole school Wellbeing Day with a focus on exercise and healthy eating.
The children did different jumps on the trampoline, found different ways to travel, jumped over hurdles and practiced bat and ball skills.
They followed a schedule to make their own fruit salad. The children all worked hard on naming and describing fruits and Finley and Daniel worked hard on cutting their own fruit.

Pine 2’s Wellbeing Day

During Wellbeing Day Pine 2 completed a range of fun activities. They talked about the importance of exercise and healthy eating. They completed an assault course in the hall and explored their physical abilities riding bikes, playing ball games and joining in with go noodle activities. During the afternoon the children discussed healthy eating. They explored the fruit using their senses. The children then got creative and made their own fruit pictures. Once they were finished they enjoyed eating the fruit.

Journalists in Maple 2!

This week in Literacy, Maple 2 became journalists and reported on the story Zog and The Flying Doctors.

We read the story and talked about the most exciting parts of it.

The pupils learnt some characteristics which should be included in a newspaper article including a headline and who, what, when and how.

Some children co-constructed the article and others told the story through pictures. Well done Maple 2.


Religious Education in Elm 1

Elm1 have been learning all out the Jewish celebration of Shabbat. The children have learned that Shabbat is a very special day where Jewish families come together for a special meal.

Today Elm1 made Chabbat Bread. They followed the instructions and kneaded the dough.
Later on they sat down around the table, sang “Shabbat Shalom” and ate their tasty bread.

Learning in Ash 1

What a fantastic week Ash 1 have had, with lots of learning taking place! We learnt all about heavy and light and used balance scales to explore weight. Our story is ‘Aliens love underpants’ so we identified characters, designed and made our own spaceships and aliens, linking to our story. In PE, we explored the sensory circuits and the different ways we could move along the equipment. Then in Science we explored dead flowers, focusing on why flowers need water and sunlight to grow before taking part in a Shabbat celebration for RE. Finally, our letter of the week in phonics is ‘d’ so we learnt the letter sound and practiced our writing skills!

Early Years Wellbeing Day

The Early Years children enjoyed our whole school Wellbeing Day which consisted of fun activities prepared for us in the Bike Area, Big Playground and the hall.

The children enjoyed accessing the specialist Bike equipment 🚲 for the first time!

On top of this, we’ve also had lots of fun creating our own fruit salads 🥗 all before some yoga! 🧘‍♀️