Christmas at Rowan Tree Primary School

 We are ready for Christmas here at Rowan Tree Primary School. All the children are so excited! It is so lovely to hear excited voices everywhere in school! We have breakfast with Santa set up with special guest singers, reindeers are here plus Santa will also be delivering presents!

– Kathryn Oliver, Deputy Headteacher

Guitar Lessons at Rowan Tree Primary School

Each week, we have the pleasure of welcoming Barry, a guitar teacher from Wigan Music Service. Barry comes into school each Wednesday morning to play some music with some of our Key Stage 2 classes.

This term the children have been focusing on using their right-hand fingers to play the open strings E, B, and G. The children really enjoy playing together with this ‘warm up backing track’.

We look forward to sharing more clips of the music we create with you in the future.

Raising money for ‘Autism Together’

On Wednesday 1st December, after school, staff took part in a sponsored run/walk to raise money for a cause and person close to our hearts. Together we raised approximately £400 for the charity ‘Autism Together’. Autism Together is one of the country’s leading providers of services and support to people with autism and their families.

Thank you everyone for taking part and braving the cold. – Hannah Leddy, Class Teacher & Event Organiser

The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust’ Winter-Wonderland

This morning Elm 1 and Fir 2 set off on an adventure to The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust. Set in the heart of the Cheshire countryside, the 17th century Farmhouse with surrounding 10 acres of land is the perfect place to make some Christmas memories.
First, they enjoyed meeting all of animals and touring the vast variety of enclosures before then venturing on down to CAFT’s Christmas Barn to meet some very young Alpacas! The children took great care in petting their new fury friends and kept quiet so not to scare them.
Following on from a delicious lunch, it was time for a concert in our honour delivered by two elves named Spark and Bob! Everyone took part in their rendition of heads, shoulders, knees and toes and shook their bells to the music. Finally, it was time to meet the big man himself, Father Christmas! Santa and CAFT generously gave all participants of today’s adventure a bag of memorabilia to take home and share with their parents/guardians.

Willow 2 Greek Pottery

Over the weeks Willow have been learning all about the Ancient Greeks. The pupils have studied some the art of Greek pottery and took some inspiration to create their very own pots.
Some of them included handles which was tricky to manipulate and mould into place.
The pupils realised how much hard work must have gone into the patterns and stories painted on the Greek pottery.

Maple 2 – a force to be reckoned with!

Maple 2 took a trip to Manchester Science Museum to explore and learn more about forces. Our visit was full of surprises and funny moments. The show stimulated all the senses and got the children excited about what forces mean in the real world. They learnt about Jack Alcock becoming the first person to fly non-stop across the Atlantic. Armed with his toy cat Lucky Jim, he used the science of forces to make his historic journey. Through a series of experiments and games, the children explored Alcock’s story to understand how forces make a plane fly, as well as demonstrating how they work in everyday situations, from bouncing on a trampoline and slipping on ice to losing your trousers!
They learnt about the importance of air resistance and friction, how magnets attract and repel and can affect other objects and about Isaac Newton’s discoveries, such as gravity and the laws of motion.
All the children were engaged and excited by these interacting learning experiences.

Fir 2 are feelin’ the force

This week Fir 2 have been experimenting with toy cars and a ramp to see what will happen to them when we let them go from different heights. They used their PECS books to select the cars they wanted to use and to describe what was happening to the cars. They discovered that the cars would move faster when let go from the top. Sometimes the cars even flew off the table! Great work Fir 2.