Easter Bingo 2023

A fantastic turn out for our annual school Easter Bingo, which began yesterday evening with doors open at 5:30pm and eyes down at 6:00pm. Thank you to all the families who made an appearance, including past and present pupils who helped us raise a surplus of £500 which will go towards funding all the wonderful enrichment opportunities we offer here at school.

Access and Success Interventions

During our Spring 1 and 2 terms some of our amazing children have had the chance to participate in our Access and Success Interventions.
These children are given the chance to achieve to their full potential.
During these sessions children work on a 1:1 basis, completing tasks in Numeracy and Literacy that they may have found difficult within a classroom setting or even just lacking a little confidence. 
All children have made outstanding progress, we have decided to share this short clip of the children to show how pleased the children are with their achievements.  

Thank you Ellesmere Golf Club

Over the past year Captain George Harwood of Ellesmere Golf Club has been fundraising for Rowan Tree Primary School. Last night during the Ellesmere Golf Club annual dinner where speeches were given by the outgoing President and Captain, patrons of the club and now our school were treated to a short video showcasing some of the wonderful things funds raised will be going towards.

We were very grateful to learn that former president Steve Bridgeman has now also chosen Rowan Tree as his chosen charity cause. We look forward to building further links with the club over the next Academic Year

Mother’s Day Celebration

This Monday afternoon we were delighted to welcome a whopping total of forty five families to our belated Mother’s Day Celebration and Afternoon Tea. It was a fantastic opportunity to share ideas, make friendships and establish further links with school. Carers and parents enjoyed a variety of light refreshments.

Thank you to all whom attended for making this one of our most successful events yet!

World Down Syndrome Day

On 21st March, the pupils and staff chose some socks that got them noticed!
Everyone wore mismatched socks or their craziest and most colourful socks!The idea was to start a conversation, so when people asked them about their socks they could tell them, “I’m wearing them to raise awareness of Down syndrome”. And then they told them everything they wanted them to know about Down syndrome and how amazing the young people at Rowan Tree are with Down Syndrome!

Creative Arts After School Club

Creative Arts Club is offered to our Early Years and KS1 pupils and operates on Wednesday afternoons following on from the school day. Pupils enjoy different creative activities each week that have direct links to our curriculum and the different topics they are learning about in class, these activities include (but are not limited to) Arts and Craft, Bikeability, Dance and Music.

Pupils then have opportunities to access areas around school which provide Sensory Input such as the Immersive Learning Environment, Sensory Studio, Rainbow Room and Fish Tank Room.

This week in Creative Arts Club pupils have once again enjoyed a bit of a boogie before moving on to their primary activities.

This week their activities have been themed around Hanami. Hanami is the Japanese spring tradition of admiring blossoms so learners have enjoyed displayed collections relating to this in both the Sensory Studio and Immersive Learning Environment before going on to create their very own Cherry Blossoms in the Cookery Room.

St Patrick’s Day @ RTP

During St Patrick’s Day the whole school enjoyed a range of fun, engaging activities to bring the history of St Patrick’s Day alive! They talked about who St Patrick was and the children engaged in sensory stories about the life of St Patrick and how St Patrick’s day came about. They dressed up and made hats and flags. They explored printing techniques and enjoyed colour mixing, painting shamrocks, rainbows and leprechauns. In the immersive learning room, they listened and danced to Irish music and explored shamrocks and coloured green light patterns. During music in mind they listened to a fiddler and practiced their Irish dancing. The children and staff dressed up in something green and we decorated our classroom doors with our amazing art work from that day. Finally, we enjoyed green jelly with cream clouds and a sweet rainbow. Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone! What an amazing day!  

Cedar 2’s Amazing Literacy work

Learners in Cedar 2 used the Ipad to mark make, the programme made noises and bursts of stars as they touched the screen with their finger. With support they tried to write their names. Fabulous work!


Willow 2 visit Masjid al-Furqan (Leigh Mosque)

Willow 2 visited Masjid al-Furqan (Leigh Mosque) to build our interfaith relationship with the Mosque. Pupils had the opportunity to look around and ask questions. We look forward to visiting again and inviting members of the Mosque into Rowan Tree for some religious celebrations.

Oak 2 World Book Day

During world book day Oak 2 enjoyed a variety of fun activities. They enjoyed dressing up as different characters from books in the immersive learning room. Gareth (Literacy Lead and former Drama Teacher) came into class and to deliver a drama session, reading stories and acting out scenes from pupils favourite stories.

They all chose an unusual spot to read a story. Fraser chose to read his story to the fish!