Art Workshop at Atherton St George’s Primary School

On Friday 29th September members from our School Council attended an Art Workshop at Atherton St George’s Primary School. We helped to design and make clay bricks that will be used for a sign in Tyldesley Town Centre. Lots of Primary Schools from Atherton and Tyldesley have worked together to create this sign.

Our Town Awards

In a heartwarming celebration of community dedication, Rowan Tree Primary School was recognised as a distinguished runner-up for the coveted “School of the Year” award at the highly anticipated Our Town Awards in Wigan Borough. These annual awards honour individuals and organisations that go above and beyond to support and uplift their local community.

We’re incredibly proud of our school’s profound impact on our local community, the students’ remarkable achievements, and the tireless efforts of our dedicated staff team which has garnered widespread recognition and admiration.

Our school Senior and Middle Leadership teams joined fellow nominees in celebrating their extraordinary contributions to the Wigan Borough community at The Edge.

Landgate visit for Sports Competition

Landgate School have visited Rowan Tree twice this half term, once for a Boccia competition and then for a Kurling competition. on both occasions the pupils showed brilliant teamwork skills, resilience, kindness and developed their skills in different sports.
Well done everyone!

Celebrating Black History Month at Rowan Tree

October is Black History Month. This national celebration aims to promote and celebrate Black contributions to British society, and to foster an understanding of Black history in general.

The theme for Black History Month 2023 is ‘Celebrating Our Sisters’.

‘Celebrating Our Sisters’ is about honouring the amazing achievements of Black and Mixed Heritage women.

At Rowan Tree the children and staff have celebrated black history month in a variety of ways including: Listening to music by black musicians and playing musical instruments along to different types of music, dancing to music, celebrating each others differences through art and story and some cookery.

Maple 2 Pumpkin Pickers

Maple 2  had an amazing time pumpkin picking, they couldn’t believe how many there were! There were lots of different sizes, learners set out to find ten small pumpkins to be used within our whole school Rowan Tree Halloween Day.
Pupils had great fun exploring the Halloween displays and splashing in the muddy puddles.

Omlettes in Pine 2

Pine 2 followed a task schedule to make an omelette independently. Learners all took turns to chop foods, crack eggs and grate cheese. Pupils learnt about the safety aspects of using a hot pan and other equipment in the kitchen.
Throughout the activity they described what they could see, smell and taste using our Food Facts Communication Boards.

Elm 1 Squiggle and Wiggle

The pupils in Elm 1 have been exploring many different ways to develop their skills and love for English. They all have taken part in Pre writing activities such as Squiggle whilst you Wiggle and Dough Disco. In Phonics, the pupils have been using rhythms sticks to tap out the syllables in words and matching initial sounds to objects and letters. Well done Elm 1!

Victorian Britain Afternoon

The children in upper key stage 2 came together for a collaborative learning afternoon, to end their Victorian Britain humanities topic.
The children took part in a variety of activities; preparing a Victorian meal, playing with old toys and games, colouring and outdoor fun such as hop scotch and giant Jenga.
Everyone had a great afternoon!