Aqualease Rock Pool

All classes across school have spent some time accessing the Aqualease Rock Pool. Aqualease’s extraordinary rock pool experience compiles 7,723 miles of British coastline into one small, digestible learning session. Individually classes had the opportunity to view the rock pool tank closely, touch, observe and hold some of the animals, asking questions to the friendly marine rangers on hand.

We are delighted to learn that our new friends will be coming to visit us regularly throughout the year.

Music in Mind

Music in Mind is run by two experienced musicians, singers, qualified teacher and performers who are gaining popularity facilitating fully interactive and inclusive music sessions.

We are both delighted and proud to share that Ian and Al will be leading our Music Assemblies every Tuesday afternoon at Rowan Tree Primary School.

Ian Unsworth is an experienced guitar and Ukulele teacher with over 30 years experience. He currently teaches one to one at Wigan’s Music 90 music school. Al Hart is a qualified teacher and has researched the effects of music on the brain and nervous system using EEG Brain Wave monitoring hardware. Al is also an experienced performer, singer who can play a wide range of instruments.

Spooky Literacy Competition

This week all pupils have been taking part in a differentiated, inclusive literacy competition. Pupils could enter one of 3 categories – best mark making picture, best colouring/drawing and best spooky story. The competition was judged by our Head Teacher and Literacy Lead and was such a hard decision as all entries were fantastic.

We are super proud of all entries and winners, well done everyone!

Gold Medal Winners

Classes choose one Gold Medal winner from their class each half term. The gold medal winners are pupils who have made exceptional progress over the half term in any specific subject area or key skills. We are very proud of all our pupils at Rowan Tree, however we would like to say a massive congratulations to our Gold Medal winners for Autumn 1.

Willow 2 Nature within Art

Willow have enjoyed work relating to Nature and observational paintings. The children thought about the colours and used different strokes to create different shapes.


Maple 2 Musical Maestros!

Maple 2 Musical Maestros!
We all enjoyed another fantastic singing and dancing session with Music In Mind.
Everyone was able to start and stop their movement at the correct time.
We followed the rhythm and could speed up and slow down to keep in time to the beat.
And at the end, we all showed our appreciation with a big round of applause.
Well done to the talented Music In Mind and our Maple 2 movers!

Mindfulness in Pine 2

Pine 2 have been practising mindfulness. During their meditation they imagined our minds are big lovely ponds. In that pond are lots of different kinds of fish, these represent our feelings all swimming around together. Every feeling is welcome. Our job is to “be the pond” and to just watch all of our feelings swimming by without judgement.
In this video, Allannah independently demonstrates what we’ve been learning.