Our Voice Matters

 Together, pupils in conjunction with Mental Health Week embarked on a ‘chat & chill’ session, delving into meaningful conversations. From discussing what and who is important to them, to sharing favourite activities and places to go, they explored a variety of topics. Even conversations about their favourite colour and preferred biscuits sparked lively discussions!

The session was filled with laughter and engagement as they played games, created posters, and concluded with a calming mini meditation.We’re  incredibly proud of the connection formed and the positive energy shared.

Mental Health Week

As part of Mental Health Awareness week some children in KS2 got the chance to take part in a special play session. These games were carefully planned to provide opportunities for children to explore their senses, their world around them and to build trusting relationships with others. They played games like ‘bubble pop’ ‘balloon balance’ and ‘hot dog roll’. The children participated really well, they were patient and waited for their turn to choose a game. They also had lots of fun and plenty of laughs could be heard!

Empowering Education

We were thrilled to host a behaviour training session led by Chris Hoyle, our esteemed Autism and Communication Lead. Tailored specifically for mainstream schools, the session, titled “Understanding and Supporting Behaviour for Complex Needs,” provided valuable insights and practical strategies for educators within the Atherton area. Chris shared her knowledge, guiding educators towards creating inclusive learning environments for all students. We showcased how we implement these strategies effectively, demonstrating their impact on student success at our setting.

Celebrating Tap Dance Achievements at Tracey’s Toe Tappers!

Tracey’s Toe Tappers, one of our new extra curricular clubs on offer here at RTP has got into full swing and we’re thrilled to share that they’re now beginning to practice for a special performance alongside our Sing and Sign Choir at the prestigious Lowry.

What an incredible journey it’s been with these amazing students in their tap dancing lessons! From mastering numerous steps and rhythms to delighting in dance routines with props like hoops and parachutes, they’ve shown exceptional listening skills, practiced turn-taking, and developed spatial awareness. But above all, it’s been about having loads of fun together!

A heartfelt thank you to everyone involved, especially Emma, for your unwavering support. I couldn’t be prouder of the progress and enthusiasm displayed by each student. Missed having Lydia and Archie with us today!

– Tracey (IDTA)

Collaborating with Danspiration

In our second session with Danspiration at Rowan Tree Primary School, excitement was palpable as students eagerly returned to immerse themselves in the world of dance once again. Led by More Than Words, the workshop reaffirmed their commitment to inclusive arts education.


This second session solidified our collaboration, paving the way for future endeavours together. Notably, our school’s Sing and Sign Choir received a special invitation to perform alongside More Than Words at the upcoming Wigan Dance Festival—an opportunity that speaks volumes about the impact of our partnership.

Pupils look forward eagerly to our third workshop!


The entire school enjoyed a fantastic celebration last Friday in honour of World LEGO Day. Students of all ages and abilities participated in a variety of engaging activities, including constructing bridges with giant LEGO bricks, building towering structures, tackling mini build challenges, creating artistic prints using LEGO, and refining their colour-matching skills with LEGO bricks.

The day was filled with excitement and laughter as students unleashed their creativity, honed their focus, and worked collaboratively in teams. It was a wonderful opportunity for everyone to showcase their talents and unleash their imaginations. Kudos to all involved for making it such a memorable and enriching experience!