Afternoon Tea

On Tuesday 24th May we invited members of our local Church – St Philips. We have been working hard to make links with our local community and Church over the year. We all enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea together and a performance from Pine 2. The Sing and Sign Choir also came along to teach everyone some songs. Everyone had a fantastic afternoon!

We look forward to visiting them at Church again soon.

Pyjamarama Day

The whole school celebrated a love of reading and raised money for Book Trust with a day called Pyjamarama. The children were allowed to come to school in their pyjamas. We had a packed day full of activities that promoted a love for reading. The hall became our library café, where the children could request a drink, a biscuit and relax with a book. The reading lounge became our reading buddy area where children from different classes had the opportunity to read to each other. The immersive learning room became our dressing up room where the children dressed up as literary characters. As well as all this class activities focused on our term author Eileen Browne. The day was very exciting, and the children loved it.

Boccia Ambassadors

Willow 2 went to Hope school for a Boccia match. They played well as part of a team to learn and follow the rules of the game. They also enjoyed other fun activities and making friends with pupils from Hope School.
Well done Willow 2 for being so mature and representing Rowan Tree amazingly well.

Whole School Art Project

We have been working hard to create a beautiful new piece of art work to welcome visitors at our school entrance. All children across school worked with a local artist for a week to create this stunning work of art, well done everyone!

Planter Competition

This half term, every class at school has been taking part in a Planter competition. Each class had their own planter, which they filled with plants and decorated so that it looked beautiful.  All the planters looked fantastic, so it was very hard to choose a winner but school council decided that Willow 2, Oak 2 and Elm 1 were the winners.  Well done everybody!

Digital Art in Rowan 2

Rowan 2 has been using Purple Mash online to create some beautiful pieces of art based on Mondrian. They explored a variety of pictures of shapes and used their preferred method of communication to state what they could see in the art. They then got the chance to create their own using 2paintapicture. Pupils used their early writing skills to create both horizontal and vertical lines. They really enjoyed using technology to support their learning.

An Inspector Calls on Maple 2

Maple 2 and WIllow 2 received a visit from PC Simon and PCSO Maria this week. Our visitors talked to the pupils about rules and what our school, and community would be like without them. We soon came to realise how difficult and unpleasant our world might become without any boundaries. The pupils learnt how important rules are to keep everyone safe. PC Simon set the pupils a challenge to write down one rule golden rule they are trying hard to abide by and they will share it with them on their next visit. Thank you for coming and spending so much time answering all the questions.