Rowan’s first week on his timetable!

Rowan started his timetable this week working directly with different pupils from across school. He has supported their well-being and behaviour by allowing them to walk him around the local area. He also played fetch and chase with them as well as completing tricks for treats. Rowan has also been listening to children read as well as supporting them to complete their English and Maths work!
Busy week for Rowan and massive impact for our children across school!


Rowanfest, our school’s annual summer fair, was an absolute blast! Uniforms were given away for free, and we had the pleasure of hosting Little Barn Farm, where students and families enjoyed some delightful animal petting. The atmosphere was electric with a tombola, live music courtesy of Music in Mind, and mouthwatering refreshments. Colorful balloons filled the sky, and inflatable obstacle courses added an extra dose of excitement.

It was amazing to see past and future pupils, alongside residents of the local area.

We’re thrilled to have shared this unforgettable day of fun, laughter, and joy with everyone who joined us at Rowanfest!

Thank you to our amazing school community for accepting the change in date which ensured we were able to have fun in the sun.