Thank you Belong Experience Team

Rowan Tree Primary recently expressed gratitude to the Belong Care Home Experience Team for their active participation in school events this term. Recognising the benefits of intergenerational interaction, students crafted a thank-you card to convey their appreciation. As a school we are committed to community engagement and have been in awe of the positive impact on both students and care home residents.

Rowan Tree Primary’s Sing and Sign Choir Delights Local Church Community

This afternoon, Rowan Tree Primary’s Sing and Sign Choir showcased their talents in a special performance for members of our local church, St. Philip’s. Following the heartfelt performance, the choir members had the opportunity to connect with the church community over cakes and refreshments, engaging in meaningful conversations.

The event provided a wonderful platform for fostering connections between the school and the local church, bringing members of the community into the school environment. The shared moments of music, conversation, and hospitality underscore the importance of building strong ties within the local community.

Rowan Tree Primary takes pride in creating these opportunities for interaction, reinforcing the sense of community and mutual support. Events like these contribute to the school’s commitment to inclusivity and community engagement, enriching the overall educational experience for both students and local residents.

Rowan Tree Primary Celebrates Breakfast With Santa Day

Rowan Tree Primary recently hosted a heartwarming Breakfast With Santa Day, bringing festive cheer to learners. The event, held in the school hall, allowed students to enjoy snack time with Santa himself, accompanied by the delightful tunes of Music in Mind.

The atmosphere was filled with joy as students shared moments with Santa during the snack time, creating a memorable experience for all. Music in Mind added to the festive ambiance, serenading the learners with holiday melodies.

Later in the day, the festivities continued as all pupils had the special opportunity to meet Santa’s reindeer. This hands-on encounter provided a unique and magical experience for the students, enhancing the festive spirit at Rowan Tree Primary.

The Breakfast With Santa Day not only brought joy to the learners but also fostered a sense of community and shared celebration within the school. These festive events play a crucial role in creating lasting memories and enhancing the overall school experience for the students at Rowan Tree Primary.

Signalong Basics

Empowering our parent/carer community with communication tools! Our Signalong Basics workshop was a success, providing essential skills to enhance communication with your amazing children. A big thank you to all who joined this free course – your commitment to understanding and supporting your child’s journey is truly commendable! Let’s continue fostering a supportive and inclusive environment together.

Rowan Tree Choir Spreads Joy at Belong Care Home!

🎄 Spreading holiday cheer with our annual Sing and Sign Choir performance at Belong Care Home in Atherton!

It warms our hearts to see the joy on the residents’ faces as Rowan Tree Primary School students share the gift of music. This visit has become a heartwarming Christmas tradition since choirs founding a few years prior, and we’re already counting down the days until next year’s visit.

A massive well done to the pupils who performed and engaged so beautifully with members of our wider local community.

We were very grateful to receive lots of beautiful cards that the residents had been busy creating in anticipation of our visit!  🎅🏽

Unlocking the Power of Early Literacy

Hannah and Ruth spearheaded a parent workshop aimed at assisting parents in comprehending pre-reading and reading activities for their children at home. They provided practical ideas and resources for parents to implement in a home setting. Hannah elucidated the significance of intensive interaction, offering insights on engaging with children at home through this method, building their vocabulary, and fostering communication skills.

Following that, Ruth led the parents through activities like “Squiggle while you Wiggle,” “Read Write Inc,” and “Colourful Semantics.”

Heartfelt thanks are extended to the parents who participated in the workshop!

The training was led by our school English Leads, exemplifying our commitment to educational engagement. As part of our ongoing dedication to fostering a collaborative learning environment, our school regularly offers a diverse range of free workshops to carers and parents throughout the year.

For more information feel free to contact school at

T: 01942 883928 or E:

School Council’s Successful Christmas Cake Sale

The School Council wanted to bake cakes and hold a Christmas Cake sale. They used their maths and cookery skills to bake the cakes independently and then their sales and communication skills to sell them to staff.

It was a massive success with positive feedback from staff and a sense of achievement and pride from pupils!

PAN Boccia Competition at Leigh Sports Village

Pupils from Key Stage 2 were actively involved in a PAN Boccia Competition at Leigh Sports Village, facing off against schools from various parts of Wigan. Attentively following the rules, the students exhibited commendable sportsmanship by supporting each other throughout the competition.


The atmosphere was charged with a sense of competition and camaraderie, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience for all involved.


#KS2BocciaCompetition #SportsmanshipInAction #CompetitionDay

Rowan’s impact on Jake

This is Jake, Jake sometime struggles to stay focused on activities. Jake works with Rowan twice a week, once for literacy and once for numeracy.
Each time Jake completes an activity he posts a bone into the treat box as work towards for petting and playing with Rowan.
Rowan loves being read to and being sang to and Jake loves to show off his accomplishments.
Within a week Jake has gone from a ten minute session up to a half hour with Rowan right by his side.
It’s amazing how much Rowan motivates the children and is a pleasure to work with.