St Philips Church – Local Community Links

On Tuesday 16th November Pine 2 went to visit the local Church – St Philips. Over the past couple of months’ leaders at Rowan Tree have been working hard to build up local community links. Rev Tracy came to visit Rowan Tree and talked through all of the things the Church could offer school and leaders from school spoke about the opportunities they wanted for the pupils and some lovely ideas on what they would like to gain from the community links.

Pine 2 have been busy making stars of the Church Christmas display and today went to visit to have a look around the Church in preparation for the Christmas service we have been invited to at Church in December.

Rowan 2 Sensory Garden

Rowan 2 love exploring the sensory garden. We are lucky to have lots of equipment which helps them to self regulate and uses all our muscles. Classes uses this as a teaching space, and it is great for supporting our communication skills. The garden part is Rowan 2’s favourite, they love exploring with all their senses in a safe and stimulating environment. Today they engaged with communication targets on the air Walker and matched plants using symbols. Well done Rowan 2.

Willow 2’s Super Vegetables!

Willow enjoyed sharing the story Supertato. The children laughed as they heard the different voices for each character in the story.
We invited parents to come and create our very own super vegetables and discussed what powers they would have. Both parents, guardians and children worked hard cutting and joining things together when creating their very own characters for their own page in the story.

Pine 2’s Family Learning Day

Pine 2 focused their family learning day on Julia Donaldson’s ‘Monkey Puzzle’. The pupils engaged with lots of literacy activities – we made CVC words, used The Picture Exchange Communication System books to make sentences about the story and discussed different types of feelings with our parents/guardians. Elm 1’s favourite part of the story was when the Monkey found his Mum and Dad. It was so much fun learning with our families as a whole school!

Birch 2 Big Playground

The Birches have been learning outside the classroom in the playground this week. As part of their Maths learning, they have been exploring 1 minute and seeing how many things they can do in a minute using the equipment in the big playground.