Beauty and the Beast Pantomine

This morning Rowan Tree Primary School have welcomed M&M Theatrical Productions into school for a live performance of Beauty and The Beast. Pupils were transported into a magical adventure through the use of scenery, special effects and interactive story telling.

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Story time in Cedar 2

Cedar 2 having story time during our Literacy lesson. We all got a chance to choose a story to read together.

Maple 2’s trip to the Science and industry museum

In Maple 2 the pupils had a fun trip to the science and industry museum. Using the shadow wall, they learnt different ways to make light and how they create shadows. Each pupil independently observed each other to see how they can duplicate that result. 

Maple 2 then had the opportunity to continue to explore the museum. The pupils created music with their bodies, they experienced looking at themselves through a thermal camera and how to create handprints through our heat sources. 

They then explored Revolution Manchester and saw how technology has developed throughout the years. This included Cottonopolis, the textiles gallery and how machines work.

Well done Maple 2 for Active listening, exploring independently and for gaining new skills! 

Family Learning in Fir 2

This week across school our learners have welcomed their family members into school for some Christmas themed family learning. In Fir 2, carers and parents enjoyed joining their children for some immersive messy play themed activities.


Family Learning Days are a constant throughout the year here at Rowan Tree Primary School, we love welcoming in our pupils families to give them an insight into all the learning and fun that we have here in school.


Poplar 1 Explorer Dome

Explorer Dome is an internationally known, vibrant and popular science outreach organisation. Based in Bristol and Stratford, they travel across the UK and beyond with interactive, curiosity-based, science shows and experiences for schools.

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Classes across school have enjoyed accessing the inflatable dome within the hall this morning. Learners in Poplar 1 were super brave, exploring this brand new resource.

Elm 1 The Gymnastic Stars

This week, some pupils from Elm 1 joined children from across Wigan in a Dance and Gymnastics competition.
The pupils followed a warmup routine and took part in lots of different sessions including stretching, the trampoline and gymnastic moves.
Well done Elm. We are super proud of you.

Ash 1 explore Lights in Science

This term Ash 1 have been learning about lights. They have explored different light sources and used their puppets from DT to create shadows.

Early Learners Celebrate!

As part of our ‘Let’s Celebrate’ topic Early Learners have been learning all about the Japanese festival ‘Shichi- Go-San’ ( seven -five -three ) it is a Japanese custom that happens in November, to celebrate growth & well-being of children.
Learners dressed up in a Kimonos, made candy canes with play dough  and decorated sweet bags.