CAFT 2023 | Day 2: Fire Pit

Year 4 pupils have had barrels of fun roasting marshmallows around the fire pit. They listened carefully to instructions and were also able to decorate their own hot chocolates with toppings of their choice.

After they had eaten their yummy treats and wiped their hands, learners took part in a campfire singsong – exploring different instruments.

CAFT 2023 | Day 2: Messy Play

Pupils have been enjoying lots of sensory Messy Play within the onsite Art room, creating their own slimes and playdough! Learners have been helping to create a new WELCOME sign that is going to be displayed at the entrance of CAFT for many years to come – leaving behind something for them to remember us by!

CAFT 2023 | Day 2: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

This morning prior to some delicious homemade sandwiches Year 4 Residential learners went on a bear hunt within the onsite Outdoor Learning Woods. Pupils needed to follow the trail to locate each of our individual bears scattered across the different animal enclosures, once found we enjoyed using a parachute to launch them into the air in a competition to see whos bear remained on the longest.


CAFT 2023 | Day 1: Sensory Room

Residential users have enjoyed accessing the onsite Sensory Room at CAFT before heading for a delicious homemade lunch. Learners had the opportunity to access displayed collections relating to vehicles, colour manipulation and underwater sealife.


CAFT 2023 | Day 1: Inflatables and Rock Climbing!

Learners presently on residential have loved accessing the huge inflatable obstacle course within the CAFT Sports Hall, one of the many wonderful different buildings they can visit on the farm.

CAFT 2023 | Day 1: Musical Movements!

We had great fun in the forest following the sensory Music Path, learners were encouraged to use natural resources to create different sounds with the pots and pans. There were even some outdoor drums similar to the ones we enjoy playing with at school!

CAFT 2023 | Day 1: Meeting The Neighbours

Year 4 have loved getting to know the animals that are going to be their neighbours for the next few days!

Learners have been showcasing some of the animal care skills they have developed through Little Barn Farm sessions to the different CAFT workers. We’ve been to feed the ducks, alpacas, sheep and donkeys – we’ll be returning to ensure that our new animal friends are well fed throughout our stay.

CAFT 2023 | Adventure Farm here we come!

This morning a group of pupils from Rowan Tree Primary School have set out on a brilliant adventure to the Children’s Adventure Farm Trust. Set in the heart of the Cheshire countryside, the 17th century Farmhouse with surrounding 10 acres of land is the perfect place for children of all abilities to play, laugh and make some memories.

We’ll be posting photographs throughout their stay so that you can see all the exciting things they are getting up to.

Boxing For Better Awards Ceremony

This week has seen our first block of Boxing For Better sessions come to a close, learners enjoyed an awards ceremony where they received a trophy and certificate for fantastic participation and engagement for the duration of the club. We are so proud of all they’ve achieved and how well they have represented the school. Dave, who runs Boxing For Better has sent us a short message:

We look forward to working with Dave and Boxing For Better again in the future.