CAFT 2021 | Day 2: The Games Room


The children really enjoyed spending some time in the Games Room after a busy morning.  We played some different board games. We played video games on the PlayStation and the

 Nintendo Switch, taking turns and sharing with our friends. We also explored a variety of different toys that were available for us to use.

Some of the children even spent some time in the Farm’ on site Sensory Studio, enjoying the interactive chroma tube, water bed and other interactive equipment around the



CAFT 2021 | Day 2: Forest School

This morning after breakfast we ventured out into the Forest for some activities in the woods! First, we enjoyed creating some self portraits on clay using various materials from the environment such as conquers, moss, sticks and grass.

Afterwards, we enjoyed a natural resource obstacle course and a sensory foot path, walking barefooted along the various natural surfaces.




CAFT 2021 | Adventure Farm here we come!

This morning a group of pupils from Rowan Tree Primary School have set out on a brilliant adventure to the Children’s Adventure Farm Trust. Set in the heart of the Cheshire countryside, the 17th century Farmhouse with surrounding 10 acres of land is the perfect place for children of all abilities to play, laugh and make some memories. We’ll be posting photographs throughout their stay so that you can see all the exciting things they are getting up to.


National Fitness Day

On Thursday 23rd September all pupils at Rowan Tree took part in National Fitness Day. They showed off various skills by taking part in different activities throughout the day including scoring goals in football and basketball nets, catching balls on the air juggler, jumping on the trampoline and throwing hoops over the cactus. As well as developing their gross motor skills pupils also developed skills in other areas of the curriculum for example; counting throughout each activity, recognising the different coloured balls, waiting for their turn and sharing with friends.