National Fitness Day

On Thursday 23rd September all pupils at Rowan Tree took part in National Fitness Day. They showed off various skills by taking part in different activities throughout the day including scoring goals in football and basketball nets, catching balls on the air juggler, jumping on the trampoline and throwing hoops over the cactus. As well as developing their gross motor skills pupils also developed skills in other areas of the curriculum for example; counting throughout each activity, recognising the different coloured balls, waiting for their turn and sharing with friends.

Little Barn Farm

Today we’ve enjoyed our first session with the Little Barn Farm. The children all enjoyed spending some time with the animals and took great care in petting them. All classes had the opportunity to visit these animals and hold them.

Videos and photographs from Elm 1.

We’re really excited to hear that the Little Barn Farm will be coming to visit us again regularly and we look forward to seeing all our new animal friends again!