The Big Listening Festival

On Tuesday 12th October members of the Rowan Tree School Council met with two members of the Local Council as part of the Big Listening Festival.

School Council members give their ideas and opinions on Wigan Council. They answered questions relating to the environment, safety, and school plus give their opinion on how Wigan could be a better place.

Thank you so much for meeting us today at school. It was lovely to talk to you all and to hear what you enjoy and what you would like to do when you are older. It was so nice to hear about how you look after the environment and how you help your friends when they are sad. You should be very proud of yourselves for telling us about the things which are important to you.

– Wendy Froggatt, Wigan Council


Fir 2 Animal Care at My Life

This week at My Life Fir 2 have been developing their skills looking after and interacting with a wide range of animals. The children have been learning how to and what to feed different animals, how to groom animals and how to be safe around them. The children’s confidence and care skills have really grown, and we are so proud of them all. Also, Dhillon discovered a bus and had lots of fun playing in it!  Well done Fir 2!

CAFT Day 3: | Brunch time!

We enjoyed a ‘brunch’ for our final meal at the Children’s Adventure Farm Trust, tasting lots of yummy fresh produce prior to a homemade birthday cake!

Later on, the children were presented by CAFT representative Donna with our certificates and a personalised bag containing lots of exciting things for us to take home. They have all had a really fantastic time and made lots of special memories on this very special trip.


CAFT 2021 | Day 2: The Games Room


The children really enjoyed spending some time in the Games Room after a busy morning.  We played some different board games. We played video games on the PlayStation and the

 Nintendo Switch, taking turns and sharing with our friends. We also explored a variety of different toys that were available for us to use.

Some of the children even spent some time in the Farm’ on site Sensory Studio, enjoying the interactive chroma tube, water bed and other interactive equipment around the