Butterfly Garden

We have enjoyed partaking in the school wide project of Butterfly Garden. This educational kit has given us an unforgettable opportunity to watch caterpillars change into chrysalides and then emerge as beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies.

The entire transformation from caterpillar to adult butterfly took about three to four weeks, each class took super special care in making sure their Butterflies grew to be big and strong ready for the next stage of their journey.


Measuring Maple 2

Maple 2 have been learning some more about length, size, and height. This week they have been exploring language associated with measuring and size. They used nonstandard units, firstly blocks, to measure different lines. Moving on, the children were asked to have a guess if it is longer or shorter than the first line. We introduced the word ‘estimate’. Later in the week, we had a look at other ways to measure things and help each other discover the best measuring tool to use. The pupils used ‘talking partners’ to help them decide on the best tool. Questions included, True or False – ‘A measuring jugs is the best tool to use for measuring a one teaspoon of sugar’ and ‘Is a trundle wheel the best way to measure the length of a football pitch?’
Measuring in Maple 2
Measuring in Maple 2
Measuring in Maple 2
Measuring in Maple 2
Measuring in Maple 2
Measuring in Maple 2
We then had a look at our rulers and counted together putting our fingers on the cm marks. We had a look at some objects from our classroom and guessed how many cms long they might be. To finish off the week, we used our rulers to measure and record cms all the items inside our pencil cases. Excellent work Maple 2!

Whatever Next in Elm 1

Elm 1 have loved lots of learning themed around the story of Whatever Next.

They took off in their rocket to see what adventure awaits on the moon.

When they landed, Elm 1 astronauts explored the setting and listened to the story. They had such a wonderful adventure on the moon.

Outdoor Learning in Pine 2

During outdoor learning in Pine 2, they have continued to look at natural materials, and how we can use them to create pictures.

The children gathered lots of natural materials like flowers, and pressed them in between some paper with another natural material, a rock.

The colours from the flowers were pressed on to the paper, to create their very own unique flower prints. Well done Pine 2!


The Bingo Association donates their 34th Variety Sunshine Coach to Rowan Tree Primary School

A Variety Sunshine Coach has been presented by Alan Clinton, Assistant Manager from BJ’s Bingo in Leigh on behalf of the Bingo Association to pupils and staff at Rowan Tree Primary School. This Sunshine Coach is the 34th donated by The Bingo Association in the past five years.

Also, in attendance at the presentation were BJ’s Bingo Operations Manager, Lee Rich, and Deputy Manager Jenny Brocklehurst.

Due to the pandemic, we have not been able to deliver activities and lessons off-site and children have been unable to apply skills learned in school to new more challenging community contexts. Having a new minibus to enable us to re-introduce a large part of our curriculum is fantastic. We have all missed it so much: its importance has been further heightened. The focus at Rowan Tree is on pupils and family’s well-being. If we can teach and support pupils to access community facilities, then we are reducing their anxieties about going to new place and doing new things. Having a minibus to get us around and about opens new possibilities not just for pupils but also for their families. We cannot overstate how important it is to the well-being of the whole school community. This new larger minibus means we can get more pupils involved in the community more regularly, including those pupils who travel in wheelchairs, as the tail lift on our old minibus was unreliable and prevented us from using it for all pupils. It was wonderful to know that BJ Bingo and Sunshine Coaches have worked together to enable us to get this brilliant new vehicle and can’t thank them enough for their generosity.

 – Ms Loftus

BJ’s Bingo were delighted to nominate a local school Rowan Tree Primary school in Atherton to receive a Variety Sunshine coach, we were pleased that the bus was handed over late last year and are now delighted that we can make the formal presentation in person, it is the 34th Variety coach that has been donated as a result of fundraising by the Bingo Association and its members. Thank you to all of our staff and customers, for their support over the years in helping raise much needed funds for such a worthy charity.

 – Andrew Tattershall – General Manager of BJ’s in Leigh