PAN Boccia Competition at Leigh Sports Village

Pupils from Key Stage 2 were actively involved in a PAN Boccia Competition at Leigh Sports Village, facing off against schools from various parts of Wigan. Attentively following the rules, the students exhibited commendable sportsmanship by supporting each other throughout the competition.


The atmosphere was charged with a sense of competition and camaraderie, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience for all involved.


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Rowan Tree spread the festive cheer!

Rowan Tree has the honour of decorating the town Christmas Tree this year. The school council made decorations and then went along with Kathryn (Deputy Headteacher) and Louise (Headteacher) to decorate the tree. We think they have done a brilliant job!

Each school in the local area will have the opportunity to decorate the tree with an alternating rota each year, and how proud we were to have been the first to be chosen.

Understanding and Using Visuals training

Our recent “Understanding and Using Visuals” training session was a fantastic journey into the world of visual aids for parents/carers!

Exploring innovative ways to support our amazing children, this session highlighted the power of visuals in enhancing communication and understanding.  From visual schedules to communication boards, we’re empowering parents to create a supportive environment at home.

Big thanks to everyone who participated and contributed to this enriching experience!

Together, we’re fostering a community that embraces diversity and creates an inclusive learning environment for every child.

The training was led by Chris Hoyle, formerly a Sleep Tight Trafford Coordinator at the Together Trust, who has worked with autistic children and young people for over thirty years. Chris has become an integral part of the RTP family and offers a variety of free workshops open to carers/parents throughout the year.

For more information feel free to contact school at

T: 01942 883928 or E:

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Pine 2 @ Multi Sports Leigh Leisure Centre

The pupils of Pine Class 2 had a fantastic time engaging in multi-sports activities at Leigh Leisure Centre this afternoon, where they had the opportunity to learn and explore new games with other schools from across Atherton.  It was an afternoon filled with joy and discovery, as Pine 2 revelled in the thrill of physical activity and the excitement of trying something new together. 🏀🏓

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Danspiration! – More Than Words

The Danspiration Workshop, held recently at Rowan Tree Primary School, had a profound impact on learners who thoroughly enjoyed the dance session. More Than Words, the driving force behind the initiative, demonstrated a strong commitment to making performing arts accessible to everyone.

Both learners and staff actively participated in the workshop, expressing their enjoyment through smiles and laughter that resonated in the school hall. Beyond the celebration of dance, the collaborative nature of the event has hopefully set the stage for potential future partnerships between our school’s Sing and Sign Choir and More Than Words. The workshop’s success is a clear testament to the practical and transformative influence of the arts in enriching the lives of individuals with diverse abilities and backgrounds.

Having fun with our friends from Meadowbank

Recently we have been very lucky to welcome the children from the Lighthouse, which is the SEN provision at Meadowbank school, to our school every Monday. The children have been visiting Poplar 1 and Fir 2. They have been having lots of fun joining in with our P.E sessions, messy play and mark making activities and just spending time getting to know their peers. It’s been a great chance for our children to meet and greet other children from our community and for staff to connect and learn best practice from each other.

Sing and Sign Choir perform @ St Phillip’s Church

 St. Phillips Church has recently had the pleasure of welcoming the Sing and Sign Choir. Members of the congregation had the fantastic opportunity to watch the choir demonstrating various signs while performing eight songs! It was a truly captivating experience that showcased the power of communication through sign language and Rowan Tree’s commitment to a Total Communication Environment.

 We are incredibly grateful for our close links with St. Phillips Church, which made this visit possible. It is through partnerships like these that we can continue to provide unique and enriching opportunities to our learners.

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‘Access to Success’ Session

🌟 Exciting day at Rowan Tree Primary School as the Atherton and Tyldesley Sports Association brought together six different schools for an amazing yoga and dance workshops to our school.

Led by Vicky and Jaydan, pupils had a blast exploring the world of movement and relaxation. It was fantastic to see so many schools coming together to access the resources available within our Specialist Provision. Thanks to our Deputy Headteacher (Kathryn) for organising and everyone involved for making this day extra special!

 #CommunityCollaboration #ActiveMindsActiveBodies

Forest School with Meadowbank

Every Thursday, some of our children from the Engagement classes, have had the chance to join some their peers at Meadowbank Primary School for forest school sessions. The children have had lots of fun getting to know each other in the outdoors, playing and exploring. It’s been really beneficial for all of the children and they have really enjoyed it.

Art Workshop at Atherton St George’s Primary School

On Friday 29th September members from our School Council attended an Art Workshop at Atherton St George’s Primary School. We helped to design and make clay bricks that will be used for a sign in Tyldesley Town Centre. Lots of Primary Schools from Atherton and Tyldesley have worked together to create this sign.